Saturday, April 22, 2006

4-9 a.m., Saturday, April 22nd

Yes, the rumours are true.

This morning the team decided to brave as many misfortunes as possible. Up at 4:00 (that's a.m., baby) we dressed and stumbled out into the rain-slicked streets of predawn Brooklyn.

Temperature: 9 degrees.
Subway trip to NBC Studios, Rockefeller Center: 1 1/2 hours.
Cost: 4 US$, return.
Realizing that SNL was not being taped on the day that we showed up early for tickets: priceless.

Instead, we comforted ourselves at a local diner where two eggs and three pieces of bacon cost us $8 each. From there, we braved the elements towards Times Square to take a few shots. On the way home, we (OK, OK, it was entirely my was early...I was tired) got off at 45th Street. Problem is: the church we were staying at was at 66th Street. Eleven blocks later, shivering, soaked, and exhausted, we showed up just in time for morning worship and session. It's going to be a looooong day.

Something that I've been enjoying tremendously is the bilingual nature of this conference. Everything has to be translated from English to French to accomodate the 20 or so staff members from YWAM Montréal. It's such a cool reminder of how diverse cities are.

prends mon âme
prends mon cœur

je te donne tout
prends ma vie

me voici

je te donne tout

mon cœur est à toi

tout à toi


Sarah-Aubrey said...

A preemptive strike:

From 45th to 66th Street is twenty-one blocks, not eleven. Math is not a strong point of mine. Neither is operating on five hours sleep.

If Sim were to read this, I would never hear the end of it...

Mimo said...

Oh love that! "Mon coeur est à toi, tout à toi..Prends mon couer" It's all about our hearts..

Languages are soooo great. Have always thought that Life will never lose its "meaning"..I can always learn a new language if I cant figure out anything else to do.

Hope you have a wonderful and Blessed time for the rest of your stay in the big apple! (Why is it called that by the way?)

Sarah Gaz said...

I miss ya...
Sunday evening coffee break was not the same! :)