Friday, April 07, 2006

True North, Strong and Free

I live in a hotel.

This hotel specializes in immigrating families who are awaiting citizenship and can't rent apartments - the furnished room, phone connection, and monthly/weekly/daily payment flexibility are also helpful.

I walked into the elevator yesterday and a mom with her two small girls walked in with me. They looked to be from an Arabic country. While discussing the pink monkey that one of the girls was holding, she smiled at me and asked,

"Is Canada your new home too?"

I said that, no, it wasn't. It made me think of how many months the girl had been told, in her native language, that they were moving to a "new home". A country called "Canada". In her imagination she might have pictured igloos and snow and forests and it showed in her wide smile and big eyes.

Canada. Her new home. My old home. It's a good home.


Andrew G said...

cute story... did you tell her family that they're lucky they got in before the Evil Conservatives make it impossible for anyone who isn't white to immigrate here?

...sorry, watching CBC Newsworld

andrew said...


A.J. said...

I voted for the "evil conservatives!"

Yes, on voting day I thought ..."hmm they seem evil I think i will vote for them!" (just kidding of course!)

Andrea said...

I surfed today for the first time ever and loved it!

Bali Rules.

I'm home in 2 1/2 weeks...can you believe it??

Sarah-Aubrey said...

I vote that Andrea has the best comment on this blog because she didn't make it political.

Bali's right, babe!

If only I was there instead of the land of Evil Conservatives.

What is Bali? Conservative?