Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Yak

Six of us head out from Port Credit tomorrow morning (at 7:00 a.m....egads) for New York, New York. It's been almost two years since I've been to New York, and I have very fond memories associated with the city. Our posse is part of the Youth With A Mission North American Cities Conference (YWAMNACC, I suppose, but who's counting?) which runs from Wednesday night to Saturday night.

After this one, I think I'll take a nice break from conference-land and enjoy real life for a bit. Anyone want me to pick them up something from the Big Apple?


s@bd said...


But I'm assuming that's just a rhetorical question.

Andrew G said...

...it's so far

Kate said...

Andrew?! Please. You want to talk distance? Get in line.

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Sooo far.

But Kate does win. This round.

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Oh, and Kate: it was PAINFUL driving through the Poconos, the Garden State, and New York without you. I was getting mad flashbacks. *sigh*

Andrew G said...


but Kate's use to it...

robtegelberg said...

please pick me up the following:
1 large red apple
17 extremely expensive purses or diamond rings.
2 piles of rubble
1 giant steel tablet of justice/ if you cant pick that up a giant steel torch will do
1 ghetto superstar basketball team
4 queer eyed men with a desire to convert 1 straight man
1 late night talkshow host's bald sidekick

I expect them in the mail asap.
miss yah sis. angra gets home in less than a week. man thats going to be weird.

ps if angrea and i show up at your door one dark and stormy night with a six pack of hite and a pac of marbs you gotta put all the ywam stuff on hold for us and relive a korean binge

lobot teacha