Friday, August 20, 2010

foto friday: midsummer night's dream

A few weekends ago, a bunch of friends gathered together to celebrate the birthday of Miss Jess.  Instead of booking a reservation at a restaurant (how 2009!) or crowding someone's living room we took the festivities outside - and the result was magic!

People took turns climbing benches, tables and trees (including Melissa B., who is in her third trimester) to set the backdrop.  Guests supplied wine and food, we started a few games of cards, and the party lasted well into the night. 

Afterwards, Jess mused that the decor, tone and characters of the evening were such a perfect representation of her and what she loves.  As if the curtains of her heart had been drawn and there we all were.  Celebrating her, surrounded by decorative beauty, having fun.

If the curtains of your heart were drawn, what would you see?

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Jessica Heather said...

Awww, Sarah you write so beautifully and say exactly what needs to be said. Thanks for picking me as your foto friday babe! It's a honour:) x