Friday, August 27, 2010

foto friday: table of contents

I am privileged (and brainwashed) enough to own an iPhone.  In fact, my iPhone is a FrankeniPhone my brother pieced together from the body of my first iPhone (which I dropped on the sidewalk) and the screen of my second iPhone (which I dropped in the toilet).  Scientists are searching for the relation between me, iPhones, and gravity.

My FrankeniPhone works marvelously now and is a beautiful tribute to my previous iPhones that have gone on to a better a third iPhone.  If Apple is out there reading this: yes, yes I would consider being sponsored.  Please ignore the part about dismembering your product(s).

I love to take pictures with my FrankeniPhone of things that tickle my fancy.  Most of the time I post these images on Twitter but since use wireless instead of the 3G capability of my phone (again, Apple, please omit), and rarely pick up wireless when I see these things, they stockpile until I delete them.


Welcome to my world, via my FrankeniPhone (click on image to enlarge):

Which came first: the chicken or the drunk? 

This is a store front in the Junction that has been teasing me and Andrew for weeks now.  It had better be freaking awesome.

Tiger.  Lily.

At least Value Village should have the decency to clothe them.

When you want to feel scared, circa 1983.

I love old people using new technology. 

This is our church's neighbourhood, Roncesvalles. 
It's going through a tough time right now due to construction and restructuring.  I want to meet whoever wrote/designed these posters.

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RodeoClown said...

yeeeeah - frankenphone!

I'm pretty sure I've taken shots of exactly all the same things as you have...