Monday, August 30, 2010

mama monday: the tension

Last week I spent 30 minutes in the "family planning" aisle of Shoppers staring at ovulation predicting options.  Do I want my luteinizing hormone to be represented by a "+" symbol?  A double blue line?  A straight forward "yes"?  A digital smiley face?


I began to wonder how the human race ever multiplied without the use of digital luteinizing hormone predictor kits.  

And there I saw it, the symbol of the past year, all it's struggles, and all it's tension: I feel like my life is metaphorically sitting on the shelf sandwiched between KamaSutra's Weekend Travel Kits and Canesten.

"Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward
adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul."
- Rebecca West (1892-1983)

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Angela said...

I've been using the iPeriod app.

There are flowers for your fertile times and hearts for days you have sex.