Monday, August 23, 2010

welcome to mama mondays...

Blogging is a fickle thing.  It's not quite a journal and it's not quite a Twitter feed.  It's both personal and public.  I worry that it's being read and then I worry that it's not being read.  I like my privacy and I like my honesty.

I started this blog in 2005 (happy 5th year anniversary, me!) to update people about my year spent teaching English in Korea.  From there, it chronicled my travels in the UK, moving house six times, becoming a girlfriend, becoming a wife, and becoming a pastor.  It has served me well.

What better way to keep the blog honest and current than dive into the topic of parenting?  Anticlimactically, this August marks a year of "trying" (translation: a fabulous year of sex-having!) and this isn't the highly anticipated here's a picture of our positive pee test! post.  Nope, not yet.

Still, there are lots of thoughts on parenting that I've been mulling over, and I keep accumulating more, so I'd like to post some of them here.  To begin, some on pre-conception:
  • Prenatal pills have made my hair grow an inch a month. 
  • There are acronyms for everything to do with fertility on the internet.  "TTC", for example, once meant only public transportation in the city of Toronto.  Evidentally also means "trying to conceive" by lots of cybermoms.
  • Said cybermoms, or cybermoms-to-be, are an opinionated bunch.  You can find advice online that contradicts every other piece of advice you find online.
  • When I was single and naïve, I told a friend who was trying to conceive: "It's easy.  Just have sex, like, ALL THE TIME."  Graciously, she shook her head and said nothing.  As many of you are doing now.
Welcome to the journey and feel free to post your anecdotes (really...I love stories).  We'd love to hear from those of you who are thinking of trying, those of you trying, those of you who have tried, and those of you who are now parents either by birth, adoption, or fostering.

Cybermoms welcome!


beth said...

I am very excited about Mama Mondays... :D

You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

H'rm...are you two really set up to have a kid right now? Most importantly, financially, but also with where you are in your life plans? Having a kid consumes every minute of your life and more as well, for the first 2-5 years. If you like to travel (like, say, to California) then put off having the kid until more travel is done.

Just a thought.

Having said that, if you really want to conceive I suggest you have sex in the backseat of a car, after having a few beers. It worked for a bunch of girls in my highschool.

Also, if nothing else, please, please get the child vaccinated.

heather mcfeather said...

in response to anonymous - after 7 years of being married my husband and we finally decided to have a baby and having our son is the best thing I ever did. We kept worrying about money and timing but after he was born we wondered why we didn't do it sooner. I don't know if there is such thing as perfect timing or being financially ready, the fact is, you make it work. All babies need is a boob, a mom and a dad that love the heck out of them and a safe place to sleep, which frankly for the first 6 months could be a laundry bin.

What an amazing love. They aren't a terrible intrusion of life, but a whole new wonderful life. Yes they consume every minute but they aren't accessories, they are apart of you and you want them to consume every moment of your life snuggling them and loving them, and you even miss them even at nap time. Having a baby is becoming completely selfless and it is really an unbelievable experience.

Sarah and Andrew, I bless you and your baby makers. Be encouraged, Papa knows exactly when this little one is meant to be formed and has great purpose for him or her in the timing that he designed and in your new family together. You will be wonderful parents. In the mean time, enjoy some more grrrreat sex!

beth said...

Um, you have any children?

ANON 2 said...

I am wondering where people are getting these ideas that parents cannot travel when they have kids? My friends are using their maternity leaves to go to some exotic places(Egypt, Middle East)! I don't think that having a baby will put your lives on hold. It will only accentuate it that much more.