Friday, November 12, 2010

foto friday: november rain

Let's begin:

This is what my husband regularly prepares for me on a Saturday morning, to show me his love.  He's pretty much this awesome at everything he does AND YES THAT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS.

A book title that caught me off guard. 
Is this what literature has come to?

These four (one not shown) women were on the subway yesterday evening as I rode home from work.  Each impeccably dressed, each lively and laughing, each conversing with each other as if they had been for years.  I must admit I stared at them the whole ride.

My fabulous husband is ordained as a minister!

A date with my dad at Korean Grill House.  Dad and I have been going on dad/daughter dates since I was just out of high school, and I love them.  This was our first in almost three years (my Reverend Husband takes precedence now) so it was about due.

Before we threw ourselves at the all-you-can-eat meat menu:

...and after:


Matt said...

"and yes that means what you think it means."

i'm just going to interject that into random sentences from now on.

"would you like a cup of coffee? AND YES THAT MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS."

Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

...and after,

dad: "mmm beeer...."

Melissa said...

I want that breakfast!

Andrew G said...

ha ha... the coffee. Sometimes coffee is just coffee and sometime IT’S NOT!