Friday, November 26, 2010

foto friday: mannequins remind me of "today's special"

Sporadic postings over the past few weeks are due to a rather busy schedule, at work and otherwise.  As soon as I find a rhythm to this gong show I'll be posting again regularly.  In the meantime, may I distract you with pictures?

I'm genuinely beginning to wonder: are they teaching improper use of apostrophes in school now?  Infractions are more common than proper use.  Could someone who graduated grade school recently or with children let me know?

 Excellent marketing campaign: include a tiny QR code image on a poster for people to scan with their smartphones.  Place poster on the opposite side of subway tracks.

Another view Yonge Street from my office.  Even traffic can be beautiful.

One night last week Andrew worked late at his school for a long and boring meeting.  Amusing each other on our iPhones, I took this shot of Oberon and sent it to him.  "He looks skinny!" was my Italian husband's reply.  "Was he fed?"

LCBO's holiday advertisement clearly shows, beyond any doubt, that our dog is the preferred pet of young white couples in love.  

And we are a white couple in love.

There's something about this opera collar that makes me want to break into this Swavorski store front, bypass the jewelry, and steal the dress.

This mannequin shocked an appalled me, hiding around the corner of the Gap.  Boys will be boys.

Is it just me, or are the legs on these mannequins grossly unsubstantiated?


mark said...

I like.
Particularly enjoyed the question about the teaching of inappropriately placed apostrophe's. Whats the world coming to these day's anyway? I dont know what they teach in you're Canadian schools, but in England, we know how to use them properly.

Matt said...

hahaha. Mark. such a punk.

great photos, Sarah! that mannequin in the Gap is hilarious!

Andrew G said...

I don’t like that the mannequin is naked and you can see his genital curvature.

Mie said...

What a beautiful view! Makes me want to visit Toronto.

And I think that opera collar looks a lot like you! (Wouldn't be me at all..)

Have a good week!