Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wifercize wednesday: princess hair

I'd like to tell you of a time before wifedom.

When I was but a wee thing, my parents would read me Disney's Sleeping Beauty before bed.  The version, published by Disney Editions, included the original 1959 illustrations:

And, yes, I was a die-hard romantic at age 4 (although I really had a thing for Snow White's Prince Charming instead, because of the whole "Prince Buckethead" thing...anyone with me?)

(click to enlarge)

And, yes, I loved the mice and the fairy godmothers and the dragon-slaying and such, but what I was really fascinated by was Princess Aurora's hair:

The big honey-coloured locks, tapered down into a finely sculpted curl.  THIS was princess hair.  I had to have it.  Problem was: I had fine, pin-straight hair that defied all curl.

I became obsessed with princess hair for a 6-8 year period after that, sketching page after page of princesses with hair that I began to call "eight curls".  This was, simply, because I drew them using figure eights:

(I'm not making any of this up)

When I was eight years old I persuaded my mother to give me a perm* and gave her the strictest of instructions: "I want it to look like princess-eight-hair." 

* Error message: do not perm your hair if you only have a bob to start with and expect it to look like long, flowing Princess Aurora hair afterwards.  It will, instead, resemble Little Orphan Annie:

While I waited a few years for my clown curls to grow out, I resigned myself to the fact that I was born to have straight hair.  Not princess hair.  Not eight curls.  Just straight, straight hair.

. . .

UNTIL MY WEDDING DAY when Melissa attacked my mane for a few hours and unloaded half a bottle of hairspray on it and I came away looking as close to Princess Aurora as I ever had previously:

It was obviously perfect timing to celebrate the fact that I had found my Prince Buckethead Charming:

Most days, I use a curling iron to keep my princess-eight-hair looking princessy:

I have been officially approved by Adelaide Hardy, age two-and-a-half, who came to our church one Sunday and pointed to me throughout the service, whispering to her parents, "Princess!  Princess!"

Thanks, Addie.  xoxo


Mie said...

Oh, haha that's the best!! They tell the truth :)

My princess idol no.1 and especially when it comes to hair is and was Empress Sisi (Of Austria-Hungary in the 19th Century). If you're not familiar here's a pic (link):

She had a looooong curly brown hair.I was eight when I saw those films where Romy Schneider played her.

You be Aurora, I'll be Sisi? ;)

nicolevans said...
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nicolevans said...

Cheers to being a princess at every waking moment. Seriously... On a bad day I've been known to wear a tiara around. Why the flip not?? (deleted comment above was mine.. 4 letter language cleanup on isle 12) One just CAN'T have a bad day while dressed up as a princess... especially when you're 30.

nicolevans said...

*to clarify... the day is bad, THEN the tiara comes out and the day is AWESOME

nicolevans said...

One more post.

Mie said...

Nicole, will you be Snow White? Or Belle?? :-)

Melissa said...

hahaha! Amazing! I tried the perm once to for golden locks of hair...just ended up having a frizzy, damaged main!

beth said...

Children see right through people. She KNEW you were a princess! And her favourite of the Disney princesses is also princess Aurora. Funny, eh?

Isn't that partly what your name means? Princess? Hmmmmm...


p.s. your wedding hair was GOOOOORGEOUS.

Seth Kimberley Graham Hunter said...

heh... prince buckethead.

Anonymous said...

Actually, having just seen "Tangled", you look surprisingly like Princess Rapunzel, especially around the mouth and teeth (as I recall).

Though her hair is, of course, a wee taddy bit longer.