Friday, May 27, 2011

foto friday: in memory of 518 jane

Now, from the archives of my iPhone's camera app...

A few weeks ago, my good friend Nicole Evans was wed in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.  Nicole has starred in my blog before, as we once were roommates at the best apartment in all of apartmentdom, 518 Jane: Where Life Is The Party.

This is the diner where we all ate breakfast.  A full breakfast in Sunbury was $3.49.

This was the incredible wall hanging at said diner that was beyond words. 

Baby squirrels have emerged from our neighbour's eavestrough (we are OK with this, primarily, because they are cute and it's not our eavestrough).  This is the closest I could get to three of them - there are four, but one is a bit of a mama's boy and stays inside most of the time.

This is how much fur we can brush off of Solmon once he begins to shed his winter coat.  Better outside on the porch than inside on my floor.

Every year, our church runs a youth conference called Freshwind for thousands of youth.  I have attended the conference for many years and Andrew and I ran it for the past three year in a row.  Since we're no longer youth pastors we don't run it anymore which, this year, was both odd, and very freeing.  

Oberon, hunting wild birds on BBC Life.

My mom and I went to Elmwood Spa in celebration of mother's day.  This was the third picture we attempted to take, but were laughing too hard to take properly.  My mom peed a little.

Here lies The Couch from 518 Jane: Where Life Is The Party.  It was a good couch, and had a good life. It has gone to live in Couch Heaven.


aubri said...

You were in Pennsylvania and you didn't tell me?!!? Shame on you! :)

nicolevans said...

$3.49: I'm glad you guys finally got to see what I've been talking about all these years. I swear they got the idea for "It's a Wonderful Life" from people ending up living in my hometown forever. Thankfully, I rode the wave of Freshwind to SOM and got myself out of there before I had to jump off a bridge and be saved by Clarence. Speaking of Freshwind...

(Yes, I'm proud of that segway. I've practiced my whole life turning boring conversations around to something I want to talk about. Fine. Maybe it is selfish, but at least I give em a good show.)

FW11: Yeah... No Freshwind involvement definitely feels odd. This is my first absence in 15 years. I got too old for Narnia sooo I traded Tumnus in for a hot husband and got myself hitched instead. Cheers to the new cast.

Couch: That couch sure had some good times... and by good times I mean drug-free-no-sexy-time-more-like-board-games-and-pasta-good-times.

518 Jane: Where life WAS the party... and what a sweet sweet party it was

Love Love Love.