Monday, May 02, 2011

mama monday: weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12

First, let's answer some fan mail.


My intention, once I announced our pregnancy to the world, was to update Mama Mondays weekly with information about how far along I was, etc.  In fact, the intention behind Mama Monday itself was to post about pregnancy and motherhood.

But first trimester had other plans.

Each day of my first trimester played out the same as the one before:
Wake up after 10+ hours of sleep, hungry.
Relax in the evening with Andrew.
Pee twice or three times more.
While I snack.
Bed by 10:00 p.m.

So here's a rundown of recent events.

Week 9

According to website research, Baby Gaz is now about 1 inch which here is represented by this partially eaten pickle.  Mmm, pickle.

In fact, the number one thing I have been craving over the past few weeks has been sour things.  Grapefruit, pickles, vinegar, tziziki sauce.  Oh, and salty things but that's not much of a break from tradition.  Andrew claims that he'll get me a salt lick for Christmas one year.

Baby Gaz and I are both doing fine.  In fact, I meant to include a video Andrew made for our small group when we announced the pregnancy - in it, Baby Gaz makes its first film debut and you can hear the heartbeat: 

Week 10

Baby Gaz is now the size of this delicious Reece Peanut Butter © chocolate egg my mom bought us for Easter which, although I have sworn off caffeinated drinks for the first trimester, I have no qualms eating in handfuls.  Baby Gaz is also already begun making demands:
I don't like meat.
I don't like greasy foods.
I don't like complicated sauces or dressings.
I don't like when mommy smells meat, greasy foods, complicated sauces or dressings.
I don't like when mommy looks at billboards of meat, greasy foods, complicated sauces or dressings.
I don't like it when mommy brushes her teeth.
I don't like it when mommy stays awake for too long.
I don't like it when mommy doesn't eat every few hours.
I want someone to hang out with from 3:00 a.m. until at least 4:00 a.m. every morning.
This uterus is too small.
This bladder is crowding me.
This stomach needs to take up less space.
Week 11

As I rummage around the house for various items that represent the growth of Baby Gaz I recognize that I will have to employ creative tactics.  Like opening an entire 900 mL bag of farfalle to use one piece for this shot at Week 11.

My primary pregnancy complaint (other than nausea which, praise Him, has begun to abate) has been regarding Baby Brain.  Simply put, I am suffering from mild amnesia as it pertains to vocabulary, direction, names, dates, multitasking of any sort, and purpose of entering a room.  My once proud University of Toronto degree still hangs proudly in our living room declaring that I achieved a degree in English, although I now frequently have conversations with Andrew about "that thingy" and how "what's her face" was so "you know" with "whatever" and...hmm?  Nevermind.  I forgot.

Week 12

This week, May 2nd, marks Week 12 on Mama Monday which also heralds SECOND TRIMESTER!  Actually, second trimester starts around Week 14 or something, blah, blah, blah.  I'm interested in speeding up this first trimester as much as possible.  And all the gagging with it.

I have...

...I forgot what I was going to type there since I raised my head for a moment to watch part of a Community episode.  Great show, by the way.

OH.  I have made my peace with all food items that once breathed.  This little velociraptor is back!

It's difficult to tell from the picture, but Baby Gaz is now the size of a two inch dried mango.  For the past two and a half months we've been compiling a list of things to register for.   Now I can't imagine owning a stroller that didn't have a chariot-optional setting to pull Baby Gaz on a sandy beach.  HOW WILL BABY GAZ ENJOY THE BEACH WITHOUT A CHARIOT-OPTIONAL SETTING?


heather mcfeather said...

nice to see the progress. Suuuch and exciting time :) enjoy every minute. and sleep baby sleep, enjoy those naps! (i used to nap in the lunchroom at work even, ahah) don't worry 2nd trimester you will have so much energy you won't know what to do with yourself. baby brain lasts well into the first year.. but you will be smart again i promise, just in time for # 2 to come along :P just wait for clumsiness, dropping everything!! luv you 3! xo

Mama Duck said...

hilarious and encouraging as always Sarah :) Very excited to hear about your little bambino in utero!
Haven't read your blog n awhile... was good to touch base again!
Hope you are well xxxx
I still miss Canada and will forever remember your kindness to me :)

heather mcfeather said...

sarah I've been meaning to tell you excellent book to buy while preggers, "girlfriends guide to pregnancy" my goodness it's real, its good, its hilarious and all the little things no one will tell you! e

Andrew G said...


I guess we'll need to buy bigger pasta now, right?