Monday, May 30, 2011

mama monday: heartbeat, part 2

The milestones of Week 15:

and Week 16 (four whole months!)

have come and gone without much drama - in fact, almost all the drama of pregnancy so far compacted itself nicely into the first three months.  PRAISE BE.  My heart goes out to all the mamas who feel the effects of nausea throughout their entire pregnancies.  There are elevated positions of honour reserved for you in heaven.  Rob Bell told me.

Yesterday I attended the bridal shower of a long-time friend of Andrew's, in where else? Woodbridge.  Italian bridal showers are not to be messed with.  Much like any other Italian gathering, these showers are large, in charge, are attended by relatives known and partially unknown, must include alcohol, a meal of several courses, and the only acceptable (or audible) means of communication is a fraction below a yell.  This shower also had a loop of 80s music, games, and prizes.  One of which my mother-in-law won.  And bequeathed to me.

In fact, my mother-in-law is one of the most gracious, loving, kind, and giving person I know.  While on our way back to my house she casually gestured to a small bag of gear by my feet.

"Oh, by the way, Sarah, I borrowed a fetal doppler from work and we can listen to the baby's heartbeat."

Like it's the most normal thing in the world to have comandeered an $800 piece of obstetrical equipment from an OB-GYN office to use at one's leisure.  She's going to make a great grandmother.

When we arrived home, Andrew watched in anticipation while his mother, an OB-GYN assistant veteran of 25 years, searched my abdomen with what looked like a mini karaoke machine while I lay on the couch.

At first, all we heart was my slower, steady heartbeat.  Whum, whum, whum, whum.  After a few seconds, and a switch in microphone position, we tuned in to Baby Gaz's quickened whammy-whammy-whammy-whammy and all three of us smiled.  For Andrew, it was the first time he had heard Baby Gaz live.

I like that it was in our living room.


Angela said...

It's the best feeling.

I just heard both of mine about a week ago.

Niagra Falls.


heather mcfeather said...

best feeling ever. love.

Anonymous said...

darn you sez you just made my eyes tear up.
Congratulations by the way!! Awesome news :) You will be a great mom I am 100% confident!
x x Shay x x

heather mcfeather said...

little bagel baby are there any external bump pics of you yet?