Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a vision in white

Miss Kate Dias, my bosom friend of five years (ish), became Mrs. Kate Graham on Feburary 24th, 2007.

I laughed, I cried, I danced my shoes off. Literally.

Kate couldn't have looked more divine. Honestly. I've seen this woman in plenty of outfits, looking plenty hot, and this day surpassed them all. I haven't quite pinpointed an adjective adequate enough to describe the day, or the beauty of it, or my honour at being the Maid by the same name...but it was amazing. And just what I had always imagined. Only better.

The ladies.

The gents.

Paul's face as Kate glides down the aisle.

Chloe - the cutest child on Planet Earth.

The very necessary Tim Horton's run during photographs.

Thanking the Bringer of Tim Horton's.

B-gorgeous LIUNA Station in Hamilton.

Duncan, the Dancing Accountant. All night long. Solo.

Lots more picture here (courtesy of the lovely Joey DeCaire).

"It's all pretty much as I used to imagine it long ago, when I wept over your inevitable marriage and our consequent parting," she laughed. "You are the bride of my dreams, Diana, with the `lovely misty veil'; and I am YOUR bridesmaid."

"We are not really parting, Anne," protested Diana. "I'm not going far away. We'll love each other just as much as ever. We've always kept that `oath' of friendship we swore long ago, haven't we?"

"Yes. We've kept it faithfully. We've had a beautiful friendship, Diana. But things can't be quite the same after this. You'll have other interests. I'll just be on the outside."

Anne of the Island, Lucy Maud Montgomery


nikolas said...

That Anne quote just made me painfully homesick. That and not getting to see a dancing accountant.

Kate said...

Thank you Sarah.

Paul posted new albums: some of the hired photographers pictures and some of the candid pictures collected by guests.

We're back from the sunshine and palm trees and moving my things into balmy Sudbury. The cold is abrupt, but a loving husband is the perfect cure.

Mrs. Graham, out.

Mimo said...

She really looks like Diana! What a lovely friendship you guys have. A blessing from above.