Friday, May 18, 2007

get out of my facebook

The Boss and I were attempting to track down the Canadian managing director of a rather large company, which will remain nameless. For two days we used the tools of,,, and Google, to no avail. After countless attempts (including automated telephone service, outsourced help desks and American headquarters who didn't know where Canada was) we decided that this particular company prefers being nebulous and de-centralized.

Then, The Boss: "I just found him. On Facebook."

Indeed, the acclaimed managing director has a Facebook page complete with a profile picture of him being hugged by a life-sized character of Cookie Monster.

Under orders from The Boss, I sent sent the managing director a message requesting his mailing address.
He wrote a note back with a mailing address.
I thanked him and wished him a happy long weekend.
Now we're Facebook friends.


Mimo said...

Haha, the joys of facebook! =)

Andrew G said...

i still hate it tho