Thursday, May 03, 2007

zoë abigail jones

She's here.

Well, she arrived about a week or so ago (April 19th is when I received the "I'm going into labour" email from Mama AJ...I know: who takes time to write emails when in labour?) and she's been all the blog rage ever since.

AJ's been a pillar of support, encouragement, prayer, guidance and serious ass-kicking over the years? although I've known her since I was about twelve at the Youth With A Mission base in Cambridge, Ontario where my family and I spent a few years on staff. Of course, back then, I knew her as Satan in a good-verses-evil theatrical show called "Toymaker & Son". I digress.

She's seen me through lots.

She was there for the tumultuous return from my own YWAM Discipleship Training School in 2000 (my first Sunday back in Toronto, still jetlagged, she spotted me, hugged me and put a sopping sponge in my hand indicating that I could help out with the youth group's car wash that morning to raise money to attend The Call in Washington D.C.).

She walked me through my years at University of Toronto, joining InterVarsity and being co-president of the chapter at Erindale in my final year.

She kept in contact with me when I lived in Korea for a year and always took the time to respond to my panicked emails regarding marriage, lonliness, leadership and the death of my Scottish dream.

She's watched - and strongly advised - me through The Ireland Guy, The Saxaphone Guy, The Writer Guy, The Artist Guy, The Five-Year Guy, The Egyptian Guy, The Louisiana Guy and The Hawaii Guy. Most importantly, she had a strategic role in The Night That I First Thought Of Andrew Gazaneo In A Different Way. I think we decided that she takes 25% credit. Or was it 30%?

Is it any wonder that I consider her to be most wonderfully prepared to mother a daughter of her own when she's been doing such a fabulous job with me all these years?

Welcome, Abigail. You are blessed indeed.


A.J. said...

Oh so sweet! Thanks babe!

She was actually born on April 18th, 2007 at 8 pm.

Can't wait to see you so she can meet the one who was kissing my stomach and chatting with her not a month ago!

Love you loads...

Andrew G said...

AJ gets at least 25%...

and I agree... she's going to make a wondeful mum!! Oh... and Alyn's going to make a stellar dad too!

Anonymous said...

You spelled saxophone incorrectly.

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Anonymous, you're pissing me off. No one corrects my spelling or grammar...except for Andrew.

But I did spell saxophone incorrectly.

NOW can you tell me who you are?