Thursday, May 10, 2007

litter goes a long way

Scene: on my way to work this morning, at Jane station. I clutch a tea in one hand, Harry Potter in the other, and manage to flash my transfer to the subway attendant, who nods blankly. I pass a garbage can and let the transfer drop from my hand (careful not to lose the tea in the process) into it. Except that an upsweep of wind from the stairwell floats it past the garbage and onto the floor. I follow it. It blows farther away. I chase it. Pinning it with my foot I pick it up and deposit it, firmly, in its receptacle.

I hear, "Good girl." A well-dressed, older man walks up beside me and we take the stairs down together. "Your mother would be proud of you," he continues. "No one takes the time anymore... It's all about 'me nowadays'... Good girl, you. Good for you."

I don't expect to be congratulated every time I take a moment to chase down a bus transfer (truth be known, on another day, I would have been just as liable to let it blow away) but isn't the man right? It's just a bus transfer. I mean, the TTC pays people to clean up. But...isn't the man right?

I don't think its really about littering. But I guess that's a good place to start.

Along similar lines, I just finished reading this article from Faith Today Magazine, written by the editor, Gail Reid. It reminds me of some of the resolutions (or, because A. doesn't like that word, "goals") that I recently made while moving from my old apartment to a new one.

It's nice to remember that it's not all about me.

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