Wednesday, May 02, 2007

solomon uncensored

I've been listening to a series called "Solomon Uncensored: What the Bible Really Says About Love, Sex, and the Whole Shebang" from Liquid Church. (Thanks for the introduction, Amy.)

Pastor Tim Lucas delineates the heart and soul of relationships with more candour, wit and profundity than anyone else I have heard on the subject. I've been listening to them at work (not something I suggest...they're quite intense...) over the past week and it's been incredible. The series speaks best for itself, so let me introduce you to the online tracks which will save you an afternoon of Googling. I did it for you.*

There's also a blog.

Track 1: Laws of Attraction
Track 2: Taking the Initiative
Track 3: Declaring Intentions
Track 4: Making a Commitment
Track 5: Saying I Do
Track 6: Let's Talk About Sex
Track 7: Tending The Garden (Sex Part 2)
Track 8: Fighting Fair

Track 9: Behind The Music

* The tracks are also available as podcasts on iTunes.

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