Friday, May 11, 2007

osgoode for you

Half-asleep at my desk (it's the tail end of a week when every day has felt like it should be Friday...anyone else feel this?) I made the executive decision to go outside for my lunch break.

I was looking desperate for grass. I love my city but there are days like Fridays, and seasons like spring, when ass-phalt (heh) and concrete just don't cut it for me. I traipsed over to Osgoode Hall and found, much to my relaxation, that its gardens are in full bloom with flowers, the trees are pink, and the grass is delightfully springy.

So delightfully springy, in fact, that I lay down in the sun and fell asleep for three-quarters of an hour (freckle population spurt) and read Harry for the remaining fifteen minutes.

"What a splendid day!... I pity people who aren't born yet for missing it. They may have good days, of course, but they can never have this one."
- Anne


Splurge Sisters said...

Oh Anne, only you could fall asleep for a perfect 45 minutes!! I would have woken up when the sun went down.

A.J. said...

Sounds lovely.