Friday, September 11, 2009

friday foto: gee whiz!

This car is parked on a street next to the building I work in, and is a fabulous example of the characters that frequent Liberty Village. Nestled between downtown and Parkdale, you're just as liable to see a homeless crackhead as you are to spot a creative director of a major advertising firm. And they'll be wearing similar outfits, so sometimes it's hard to tell.

The car reminded me of a show Andrew and I are watching, called Mad Men.
[Disclaimer: I am not at liberty to recommend, support, or endorse this show. As a pastor.]
The show is set in the 50s which is fabulous and hilarious for various reasons. Upon reflection, I have come up with my a list entitled: "Reasons I Would, and Reasons I Would Not Like To Live in the 50s".

Reasons I Would:
  1. 50s tailoring. Everything fits p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.
  2. Pillbox hats.
  3. Men were debonair, and chivalry hadn't completely kicked it yet.
  4. Everyone is referred to as Miss, Mister, Misses, Sir, or M'am.
  5. The cars. See above.
  6. The music.
  7. Nuclear families.
  8. Less genetically modified food.
  9. Less profanity.
  10. More green space.
  11. A sense of hope and happiness after the war.
  12. Less technology meant more time spent reading, conversing, and relating.
Reasons I Would Not:
  1. Constant smoking.
  2. Constant drinking.
  3. Birth of hardcore consumerism.
  4. Male chauvinism.
  5. Narrow views on politics, the environment, society.
  6. Bizarre medical practices.
  7. "Isms" - racism, sexism, elitism, etc.
  8. Smoking during pregnancies.
  9. Drinking during pregnancies.
  10. Skirts worn to the mid-calf.
  11. The swimming suits! On both sexes!
  12. No caller ID.

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