Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wifercize wednesday: the toilet seat

Can I just say that this argument has NEVER MADE SENSE TO ME? I grew up with two brothers. Along with my dad, they outnumbered us girls 3:2. Occasionally (see? I can't even remember the exact frequency) I'd find the toilet seat left up and at that point I'd weigh my options, spend a moment in prayer, and take a very brave step:

I'd put it down.

Yes, I've had those moments, bleary eyed and half awake in the middle of the night, when I've mistaken the white orb beneath me for a seat-down one and slipped, OOP!, dipping my bum into the icy depths. This, my dears, is a hysterical moment we can all relate to and it is best to laugh. It's funny. Your bum in toilet water is funny.

I figure that the toilet seat up/down argument (which can not only be found on Wiki and eHow, but also has given birth to this ridiculous study - complete with statistical analysis!) is one of those things that Carol Arnott would say "the issue isn't the issue" about. Really? A toilet seat being up or down? This is what a marriage has come to?

Makes me wonder what couples in rural third world communities have to argue about. A hole-in-the-ground might be the next new treatment in couples therapy.

What I suspect is that husbands and wives, both, are frustrated with situations entirely beyond the bathroom and use the toilet seat as a secret symbol of their unresolved issues.

She: "Put it DOWN. I can't believe you don't care." (control/manipulation)
He: "Oh, I forgot. It doesn't matter anyway." (passive aggressive)

But more on passive aggression tomorrow. Huzzah!


Andrew G said...

is that why you were laughing last night?

Jonathan said...

Hahha... Maija and I have been having this discussion lately. Let's just say I'll have to assume she's mad at me about something else ;)

Angela said...

Last time I commented on this subject on your blog I was taken to task for making your grandmother blush.

Back then, I was able to forgive petty grievances due to Husband's skills in other *cough* areas.

Neither my opinion, nor my situation has changed.


Sarah Aubrey said...

And this time, unlike last time, you and I have opinions and situations in common.

Angela said...

I feel so close to you now.