Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wifercize wednesday: volatile soup

Women, you're going to get a lot out of this: especially if you aren't familiar with why you operate the way you operate. Men, don't tune out: this information might one day save your life.

First: men and women are different. You might recall this image, forwarded internationally in LOL-postscripted emails:

Second: a quote I originally read on my husband's blog (before he was my husband...but after I wanted him to be), which I love:
But women are built like nuclear reactors. We're constantly marinating in a volatile soup of hormones that's poised and ready to form a new, living, breathing human in nine months flat. Think about having that kind of power under your hood. It's awesome, and it sucks.
I was speaking with a male coworker who was outlining some of the differences between his girlfriend and himself, namely spending habits, budgeting habits, decorative preferences, and desire for shiny things. He also mentioned that her cleaning habits were odd, and ran like clockwork. "Her apartment will be a disaster for almost an entire month and then, over two days, she'll go on a cleaning frenzy. Everything. The bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom. I figure I might as well have her over to my apartment during those two days..."

What he is unknowingly describing is a phenomenon that many men are only vaguely aware of and, sadly, women are only a little less vaguely aware of. I found this helpful chart on a website called The Venus Week (don't worry, it's not half as new age as you might think). Dr. Rebecca Booth, the author of the website and book by the same name, explains that women experience what she describes as "The Venus Week" which is, essentially, ovulation. Women look and feel great because their bodies are casually hinting HEY, IT'S TIME FOR ME TO MAKE A BABY. Happens every month.

The interesting part about the constantly rotating (I prefer "rotating" over "raging") hormones in our systems is that they casually hint other things. All the time. And we're, more or less, quite subservient to their demands. Such as HEY, IT'S TIME TO NEST WHICH MEANS THAT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN YOUR IMMEDIATE SURROUNDING MUST BE TIDY AND CLEAN. Happens every month.

These pages (click on each hormone to learn more about them) were vastly helpful as I began to research the hormones that rotated (see?) through my system on a monthly basis. And guys, if you're still reading, keep the eye-rolling to a minimum. If you think the lady in your life is irrational now just wait until oxytocin hormone joins the "volatile soup" in the weeks leading up to birth. I'll leave you with this quote from The New York Times on the subject:
With hammers pounding and drills whining in the background, Ms. Kinsey, speaking by phone, said she is having her kitchen “completely gutted” to make way for new cabinetry, flooring, appliances and countertops. Next, she wants to repave the driveway, finish landscaping the yard and enlarge some windows to let in more light. “I got up at 4:30 in the morning the other day and looked at the windows and thought they were too small,” said Ms. Kinsey, 36, whose baby is due in May. “Is that nuts or what?”

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