Thursday, February 02, 2006

Horses are much stronger than me...

I'm staying at my friend, Shay's, house in London, England. Shay and her husband, Duncan, have a two-year-old named Jayda. I, therefore, have been enrolled in a crash-course in Life With A Toddler 101.

Jayda has a non-stop vocabulary (first born girls...we're speaking from day one), so I've taught her to say "evidently". She says it now. We're working on "superfluous". For the most part, she toddles around the house, engaging anyone and anything she finds in conversation. Mum, dad, me, a crayon, her Paddington bear doll. For a Canadian's ears, her developing British accent provides extra entertainment.

She has four books, in a series, which are each about a different farm animal: horse, cow, chicken and sheep. Disconcertingly enough, the chicken book states, and I quote:
Chickens are much smaller than me...
They say "cock-a-doodle-do!"
I can say that too, can you?
Which is erroneously leading the child to believe that chickens, and not roosters, say cock-a-doodle-do. And, as I have been recently researching, this would be a grave mistake to make in many fundamental evangelical denominations of the West. What would Paul have to say about chickens crowing, hm? The things they teach kids these days...

I must now go and answer the pressing question, "What's doggie doing?"

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Mark D said...

She is adorable!!!!!

One question: Why does she have such big feet?

(just kiddin' - I know it's the camera angle)