Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lunch with Lewis

That's right. I woke up early this morning, caught a ride into Nuneaton, asked for the cheapest return ticket to Oxford, and managed to locate 49 St. Giles Street - The Eagle & Child pub (or "The Bird & Baby" to legendary authors, Clive Staples Lewis and John Ronald Reuel Tolkien). The two were members of an unofficial club called the "Inklings", which met on Tuesdays at the pub. I will draw your attention to the fact that I visited it on a Tuesday.

I was nearly peeing myself with excitement on the train, which traveled through Coventry (home to famous actor, Clive Owen, and my good friend Jessica Morris), en route to Oxford. I reached The Bird & Baby just in time for lunch. And so, in the pub that birthed writing far better than I could ever dream of accomplishing, I read the rest of Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig, sipped on my pint and wrote down some inspired thoughts in my journal. Interestingly enough, as had been wondering if I could "pick up" on any leftover genius in the air from Lewis and Tolkien, God used the opportunity to speak, quite clearly, to me regarding what I should be doing with YWAM in Toronto when I return. It has been a memorable day.

This was the best Valentine's Day I have ever experienced, in fact.*

* Sorry, Kate - any year in Montreal would be a close second. (I'm pretty sure that your Valentine's this year beat Montreal as well...and I won't hold it against you.)


A.J. said...

Man I need to take more cool day trips when I travel!

I have been to the grave of Smith Wigglesworth and prayed for a down load of any remaining anointing to be passed on (me and millions of other visitors no doubt!). That may be one of my coolest side trips but I didn’t get to drink a pint so I think you may win!

Andrea said...

Sarah, you're so cool. (not sarcastic at ALL!)

T-Minus 12 days until my departure.

Holy frick.

Mimo said...

Hey Sarah,

I think I remember reading that you were heading to the Seamill base in Scotland? Have you been there before?

There's great beaches just south of Ayr, basically right down south from the town centre of Ayr. (but you have to walk awhile if you wan to get to the nice buit..You can also drive there. I don't remember anymore what it's called..)

It's my fave beaches over there. Recommend!!


Andrew G said...

sometimes i feel so jealous that you're traipsing around England and that I'm stuck in bleary, wintery Toronto that I have to pray forgiveness prayers... just thought I'd let you know