Tuesday, February 07, 2006

London Calling

I've moved yet again. I'm now situated in the region of Earl's Court tube station, central London. I'm staying with a great girl named Sarah Smith, whom I just met last Saturday. I have yet to meet Mark Rodger, who "introduced" us (via email) - that, most likely, will take place on Thursday in Kingston. Such is my current state of transience. I heart it!

The following has occurred in the past 24 hours:
  • I departed Shay and Duncan's home in Roehampton to catch the bus and subway to Old Street tube station.
  • I located the London Boiler Room [aside: if you are not already aware of the 24/7 Prayer movement that is currently rocking the UK, please take a moment now to school yourself]. Get this: it's on the corner of Worship and Tabernacle streets, down the road from The Prophet and The Angel pubs, and in the general area that John Wesley was when God stirred things up in the 18th century...God has a sense of humour, hm?
  • I was able to meet with Jude Smith, the "abbess" of the London Boiler Room, over tea, to discuss the push we have both been feeling (and the similarities between TACF, 24/7 Prayer, and YWAM's new visions). Jude's quote: "Aslan's on the move." Nicely put.
  • Sarah Smith, two others named Sandy (works for London's clubbing industry) and Simon, and myself joined in prayer for the clubbing prayer/worship dream that God has put on Sarah's heart and many others'. Lots of confirmations, shared sentiments, identical verses, and other links. God is so creative and amazing!
  • Sarah and I came back to her apartment (where I will be staying until Thursday) and, as I was getting ready for bed, she tucked a copy of Pete Greig's book Red Moon Rising, which I was told about by Rhonda Puddle (get THIS: Rhonda works at and attends TACF, and I know her from YWAM Cambridge...is this fun, or what?) just days before I left for the UK, under the blankets of the spare bed for me. Inscription: "To Sarah H, with much love from Sarah S". Did I mention that I just met Sarah three days ago?
  • I then discovered that the foreward in Red Moon Rising was written by...Floyd McClung. Renowned YWAMer. I had to laugh.

Exhausted, after having lugged my suitcase up three flights of stairs (66 steps...I counted today) to Sarah's flat, I fell asleep completely overwhelmed by the wonder and excitement of the life God has blessed me with.

Have fun clicking on all those links!


robtegelberg said...

sooo ruddy jelous... i wanna go to london!!!

Andrea said...


Sarah-Aubrey said...

We should just become a traveling group of gypsies...that way, I'd be in Korea while you were still in Korea, and you'd be in England while I'm here. Let's get Matt in on this.

Andrea said...

Are you ready for this?


Consider yourself TAGGED sucka!


I did this for YOU Sarah!

also see regular blog

Mimo said...

Hi ended up in your blog I can't remember anymore thru whom but here I am! :)

Nice to hear your story.
Red Moon rising is a good book! And a quick read I thought! I've been involved with 24/7 here in Finland..Decorated a prayer room in December. And my church is a PIH church, connected to TACF..Also YWAM close at heart. Ithink you are right, they are all close to each other in vision.

It's a great place where you are, experiencing the 24/7 prayer stuff!

God Bless you!

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Wow! Comments from Finland! It's so good to hear that there are similarities in God's direction for this generation all over the world. I'm almost done "Red Moon Rising" and it's made me realize how small the world really is.

If you ever come over to Toronto, let me know and I'll show you around.