Friday, February 10, 2006

Nuns on the River

Apparently, that's what the name "Nuneaton" stands for. Nuns. On a river. There used to be a covent in the area...near a river, I presume... The details are all pretty foggy, as I was told them yesterday, in a car, en route to the YWAM King's Lodge base after a full day of travel, meetings, and waiting around Euston station, London, for three and a half hours.

I also now know why it's called "luggage". I did more lugging over the past three days than I ever wanted to accomplish in a lifetime. I have huge muscles now. I'm a tank.

Staying with Sarah was, so far, the highlight of my trip to the UK - not merely because I was downtown London (and, as we all know, I heart the city) but because of how strongly God managed to (again) hijack my carefully scheduled plans and surprise me with gifts, dreams, visions, prayer, coincidences, and information. Scrumptious.

After visiting with Mark, Paul and Neil in Kingston (involved with something called Street Pastors in Kingston, as well as a few other incredible community-oriented initiatives) on Thursday, I took a train, subway, and another train to Nuneaton...with a three and a half hour stopover at Euston station, London. Ask me how unfun that was.

Now, at King's Lodge, I'm doing a lot of what I was doing at Holmsted which is a whole lot of nothing. Well, productively speaking. I'm responding to emails, loading pictures (check out my site for the London album, recently added), journalling, and praying.


A.J. said...

You go girl friend!

We miss you over here on the other side of the pond..... any ideas on your return date?

Sarah-Aubrey said...

March 6th - just in time for Sarah Nickling's wedding! I'll see you there, I presume...