Thursday, September 21, 2006

le battement d'ailes du papillon

Which, in my botched OAC French level, I translate as "the war of the butterfly's garlic". I'm sure I'm mistaken. In any case, the movie might be recognized by it's English title, "Happenstance", starring that adorable Audrey Tautou from "Amelie" (one of my favourite movies of all time).

I watched it last night and enjoyed it thouroughly. After the movie was finished, the name of a good friend of mine from Korea popped into my mind and so, after over eight months being incommunicado, I composed him a quick email to see how things were (mostly asking whether or not he managed to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, which we had discussed in length over the course of our friendship). This morning, and before I had a chance to send the email still waiting in my outbox, I received discovered this in my inbox:

Hey there, Its been a while, but i thought i should let you know, since you were the one who got me back on track that somehow i got accepted to medical school and i start in january. thanks again, and let me know what you are up to, i'd like to talk sometime. take care.


On Angela's blog she discusses how, due to a chance encounter downtown Toronto, our suspicions have been confirmed: "Everyone on the planet knows Kate and her family."

I like little things like this. The little chance encounters, the role of fate, the every day magic that keeps me wondering.


Kate said...

Obviously you knew I'd be commenting on this post. The french translation has to do with the wings of a butterfly, not their garlic. And, the phrase is more related to the "butterfly effect", the whole, "a butterfly wing flap in Mexico can result in a tsunami in Indonesia".

And, I don't know eeeeveryone, I mean, I've never even met Jared.

Angela said...

Kate totally cheated by using Babble Fish.

Oh wait. That was me.