Saturday, September 09, 2006

shaken, not stirred

I heart Bond. It's the tailored tuxes, it's the martini, it's the guns, it's the rough-and-tumble, it's the I-barely-know-your-name-but-you'll-be-my-Bond-girl-for-the-next-two-hours attitude. I think every woman has a place in her heart for Bond.

I remember the day that a older man stopped me on the street to remark that I looked like one-time Bond girl, Britt Ekland. It made my day. Nay, month.

The new Bond movie is out, Casino Royale, and the trailer is stellar. I've watched it several times in a row. I'd also like to point out that Bond has managed to graduate from chasing random skirt to actually falling for his Bond girl this time. I approve.


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s@bd said...

i'm on my way to see it!

SO on my way ...