Friday, September 01, 2006

tall and tanned and young and lovely

I have something to report.I feel guilty even typing this. I'm not supposed to make this public until Kate gives me the go-ahead. But I can't help it. I'm just going to save this as a draft and post it later...

I'm sure that they'll post the news/story on their own blogs/websites, along with a pictoral narrative, so I'll just tell you my side of the story.

Kate and Paul and I met up for coffee this evening, at the Green Bean in Oakville. Kate handed me a card. I read the card. It read:

"September 1, 2006
To my dearest Sarah,
After many-a-conversation, the time has finally come. Your cupid e-mails served their purpose in making a dreamy match. For that, my friend, my fiancé and I thank you. Let me take this opportunity now to ask you, friend, officially;
Will you be my maid of honour at our upcoming wedding?
Love, Kate DIAS

Now, you must realize, I read this:
"...Sarah...time has finally come...cupid...match...fiancé..." and then I stopped reading, screamed, and burst into tears simultaneously. Many hugs, more tears, more shrieking. It was a great moment. I find it amusing that she asked me to be her maid of honour...even after about five years of discussing it in detail. Maid of honour. What an honour.

I'm still a little dazed. Several damp Kleenexes and a very long GO Train/streetcar ride back to High Park later, I'm listening to songs that remind me of Kate and it's all starting to sink in: Paul Graham, my friend of over 10 years (I was unaware of his real name for many of those years - I have referred to him as "Boyle", his camp name, since the age of 16), proposed to my best friend in the world, Kate Dias, in a kilt on a mountain top.

And she has the rock that will break her arm. All is right with the world.
Paul and Kate are engaged.
Paul and Kate are getting married.
Paul and Kate will be married.
And I am so, so, so, SO very happy for them.

This very secret
That you're trying to conceal

Is the very same one

That you're dying to reveal

Go tell her how you feel

This very secret heart

Go out and share it

This very secret heart

- Feist, "Secret Heart"


Daniel said...

i can see my own reflection in that thing..yikes...i should wreck the moment by making snide comments on how many african villages that ring could have saved...but i wont. kate is very happy and that is great. thea told me first so i checked all your websites...and nothing. no mention of it. i thought the korean food had made thea dillusional. but now the pics to prove it. congrats kate and paul. may you live long and prosper. (star trek finger thing)

Daniel said...

let us all look closely at the pics...paul in kilt, kate in pic...paul no kilt...kate wearing boxers? hmmmm.....