Monday, September 18, 2006

leap of faith's back to the drawing board in terms of the job hunt.

Have you ever been watching a movie where the lead character is just about to make a decision that is so obviously not what they're supposed to do? I had this experience recently, watching "The Last Kiss" (starring Zack Graff), with Sarah Gaz, on Saturday. I was actually covering my mouth and squealing, "Nooooo...!" at the screen.

Have you ever had the sensation that you're the character in the movie - the one that other people are covering their mouths and squealing, "Nooooo...!" at? I had this experience last night, coming to terms that a job offer on the table, complete with cushy salary, might just be a twist in the plot. That the lack of sleep, disturbing dreams, and feeling of disappointment in the pit of my stomach might very well be the manifested "Nooooo...!" of my out-of-body self.

Of course, I could also have just made a ginormous mistake. But, for some reason, I was willing to take that chance. And you know what? I feel lighter already.


s@bd said...

light is good, baby
light is good.

Daniel said...

was that dan's good. oh well...i hear prostituting yourself makes good money, and you can make your own hours.

Erin Davis said...

Hi Sarah! I'm doing the ol job hunt thing too in Vancouver. Fun times. OK I just saw "Last Kiss" last night I was seriously about to freak out in the movie theatre at some parts. I love love love Zach Braff. But WOW, this movie was raw... I sort-of swore off marriage on the way home... but after 24 hours I'm feeling a little better about the whole Holy Matrimony thing.