Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the silver screen

I'm a self-proclaimed trailer junkie. I love movie trailers. I'll often go to just to view the 1-3 minute "amuse-bouches" laid out like bite-sized candies. In movie theaters, I'll forget what movie I paid $10.50 (if I use my over-four-years-old-outdated U of T student card) for after watching a few trailers. I'm also that person who shrieks when you try to fast forward through trailers at the beginning of a rented or at-home DVD.

Every once in a while, I'll notice trends in the movies that are being released. For example, right now there are seven new trailers that are based on religious, Biblical, or spiritual themes.
  • The Reaping deliniates a modern day visitation of the seven plagues of Egypt.
  • The Nativity Story is the narrative of Jesus' birth.
  • Driving Lessons is about a "shy, bookish 17-year-old...[and his] unpromising summer vacation...spent attending bible classes, and having driving lessons with his overbearing and overly religious mother".
  • Al Franken: God Spoke follows a comedian, documentary style, and "his relentless campaign against George Bush and the Right Wing".
  • Conversations With God, based on the book, is about a man who writes down God's messages...and becomes a millionaire.
  • Darshan The Embrace, another documentary, hails Amma, a spirtual guide and "Mahatma" who has given her embrace to an estimated over 26 million people worldwide.
  • And Jesus Camp, which disturbed me most of all, showing the "revival" in America and its manipulation of children, is being hailed as "an admirably even-handed film" although the imagery makes me doubt it very much.
I'm not quite sure what to make of all this but somehow the mixing of stereotypes, politics, sarcasm, the supernatural, financial success, and Hollywood makes me feel nauseous.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this trend. Am I just oversensitive?

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