Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Allow me a moment of girly whim.

I have been, since I was old enough to be read to, mildly obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. There was more than a little vicarious participation in reading those books, over and over. In fact, I won Miss Mini-Yo-We my L.I.T. summer, for my representation of Anne Shirley. I've been to "the bridge" in Gormley, Ontario. And a good friend of mine, Caron, has faithfully referred to me as "Anne" since I was twelve...and I like it even though I'm now twenty-six.

And we all know my thoughts on Gilbert Blythe.

All this sentiment has flooded my mind since discovering this video on a friend's myspace (thanks, Ginette). I particularly like how they chose the song "A Message" by Coldplay. For many reasons.

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine, Mari, about three or four years ago, during which we lamented that there wasn't any hope of us having overlooked a Gilbert in our own lives. I guess that's what Anne thought too. I'm happy to have been wrong.


s@bd said...

mmmmm ....

gilbert ...

i lurvs him. thankfully i married him.

Angela said...

We few.

We happy few.

We band of Gilbert-landers.


Mimo said...

ahh just today read my friend's blog about Montgomery books as well..it's quite a heritage, and imagine, all the world over! What an influence. We thought of forming a club with a few of my friends.

Anywhoo, one "Anne" recognises another.No wonder I enjoy reading your blog :) But it's really like discipleship, isn't it?

*still waiting to find my Gilbert though*

Blessings, Mimosa

Jon L said...

on behalf of men, I would like to say that this one of the greatest movies ever. I love it!!!

Sarah-Aubrey said...

On behalf of women, we salute you, Jon Long. Have you met my friend, Mimo?


A.J. said...

Oh... a walk down memory lane! I love that Anne girl! And Gilbert? well nuf said.

I went to the real green gables when I visited PEI and saw a number of "inspirational places" such as the haunted woods.... yep, it was great. Now I want to go to Gormley though.

mimosa said...

haha Sarah ;-) btw, Pud and Maija were here! Nice meeting them..Does the world just keep getting smaller or is just me?