Wednesday, August 09, 2006

a moment in time

I love this quote, by Ranier Maria Rilke, and how it applies to so many of life's episodes:

Things aren't all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered.

My dear friend, Nikolas Delic, married the gorgeous Althea Pacis on August 5th and the experience was amazing. We realized that never again would all six of us from Erindale Christian Fellowship (Lina, Thea, Nik, Dan, Joey and myself) be in the same bridal party, so the event had a bittersweet tone to it. Still, I don't know if I've laughed so hard or for so long or in the company of people I love more.

Kate wrote a great post, with lots of linking hilarity, and more pictures that I didn't upload here.

Here are a few pictures, yoinked from Paul's gallery, for you, the viewers, to check out. They happen to be my favourite (after having sifted through all 319 shots...Paul's a photographic MANIAC) because they tell a story. Enjoy.

Knox College, where the ceremony took place. Very LOTR.
Thea, calm, cool and collected about an hour before the ceremony.
Jordan (left) and Nik (right) Delic before the ceremony - donning the kilts that were a surprise for their Scottish grandmother, and which made her cry when she saw them.
Kate and me before the ceremony. Big smiles. And, in my case, big hair to match.
Kate, as the florist, pinning a boutonniere on her brother, Joey.
Nik's face as Thea came down the aisle. Priceless. Someone once told me that, although everyone stands to watch the bride enter the room, the real drama can be seen on the groom's face as he watches her.
Thea as she is brought down the aisle by her father.
The kiss. Paul pointed out that Thea is leaning back...slightly.
Jordan had just muttered to me that he was "sweating like a fat, Mexican pig".
My lovely Gaz and me. We're probably laughing here after having commented that this looks like a prom shot.
Kate and me, doing a typical Kate and me pose.
Now who's leaning back, Paul?
The boys in their kilts.
Nik pulling an impromptu tango move during Thea and his first dance as a wedded couple.
Nik and me, doing a typical Nik and me pose.
I laughed pretty much all day, really, which was only unfortunate due to the fact that my dress was altered to fit EXTRA snuggly and was giving me mild ribcage pains...


Kate said...

Okay, now we all need to go to another event so that we have something else to blog about. Um... Erin got a new blogging account:

Andrew G said...

it's sad to say for Thea's sake... but i think most of the eyes were on the most beautiful woman in the wedding party: you!

You totally stole the show, my candy-blue girlfriend!


Kate said...

Sarah, your boyfriend is so cliche.

nikolas said...

Hmm. Gazaneo is lucky he didn't say anything like that in my presence.

Daniel said...

it's a good thing your man has so much's not like pastors need it or anything...

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Well, they gave YOU the job, so... It can't be that hard.