Monday, August 21, 2006

i like to ride my bicycle

Today's adventure consisted of taking the longest possible route from Point A to Point B.

The journey started at my darling apartment in High Park. From there, I coasted along Bloor and took Landsdown through the lanes of Parkdale (Andrew and Ericka: where is your house?). Landsdown ends at Queen (who knew?) so I attempted to get to the Lakeshore via Duffrin, but the Ex stood in my way. I found myself in Liberty Village, seeing old, brick, ivy-clad warehouses and restaurants that I haven't seen for over two years. I got a little lost around King until I saw the stately Prince's Gates where I (finally) found a bike path that took me along edge of Toronto Naval Club's harbour and right to the bottom of Lower Spadina where "she" is docked: the stunning tallship, Empire Sandy, upon which we will be embarking on a traditional Scottish Cruise in a few weeks. Heading north, I stopped at Timothy's for a pomegranate-blueberry smoothy, did some shopping at Shopper's, and ended up at the studio at 80 Spadina.

I heart Toronto.


Angela said...

Did you say pomegranate-blueberry?

I heart pomegranate-blueberry.


Sarah-Aubrey said...

I wondered if it was the famed pomegranate-blueberry smoothy that had turned your teeth blue. I wondered this because my teeth turned blue.

Reminds me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Andrew said...

Tyndall Street, at King and Dufferin. Hey - do you wanna help us move in on Saturday? Hrmm??