Wednesday, August 16, 2006


What? Four blog posts in one day? Yes, get over it. This one is particularly important, considering Nik and Thea have just returned from their honeymoon and have posted some tasteful pictures here and Nik's commentary has left me gasping for breath. It's not fair that one family was given so much more wit and timing than all the others.

My favourite quote for the day is: "It was lovely to finally live with Althea, not have to say goodnight and part ways, and to wake up together in the morning. I highly recommend it."

Nik's recommendations have never been disappointing.

They leave for South Korea in less than a week.


s@bd said...

I'm fully linking those honeymoon pics. HYSTERICAL.

Sarah-Aubrey said...

I'm so honoured that Shannon reads my blog!

A.J. said...

I laughed and laughed.... and laughed.

s@bd said...

okay, newly-weds, go on over to my blog ( and take a look at what people are saying.

You're a minor celebreties. Amongst my friends, anyway.

s@bd said...

erm ... celebrities

ACK! and i failed the word test

Sarah-Aubrey said...

As their rep, do I get to take a cut?

Sarah-Aubrey said...

More press:

Angela posted this - "Pictures of Nik and Thea's honeymoon here. Why would you want to look at pictures of people you've never met before? Let me tell you: the pictures are good, but the captions are exceptionally snerk-worthy.

You'll laugh...and laugh...and laugh."

And someone posted this in response - "Oh those pictures are great and the captions had me laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing! I don't know who those people are, but they're pretty."