Wednesday, August 30, 2006

running to stand still

The Treadmill - A Philosophical Rant

When was the last time you spent an hour - an entire hour - doing "nothing"? TV doesn't count as studies have shown that viewing television uses less brain power than sleeping, and I'm not addressing laziness. I'm addressing the ridiculously imbalanced work to rest ratio that our society thrives on.

"Nothing", to me, can mean a variety of activities (reading, walking, writing, journaling) but I like to define "nothing" as a chunk of time devoid of time restraints. A chunk of time used to unwind as opposed to winding up. Andrew wears a T-shirt with "time is an invention" on it and I love it because it makes me stop and think...if time is an invention, and we invented time, why aren't we realizing that we're victims of our own invention?

I had a counseling session with a friend of mine yesterday and we discussed my general, frenetic state. It has been a lifetime habit, intensifying during university and again when I was an event coordinator for TVB, and has been almost non-stop over the past year; more specifically, the past six months. The essence of the chaos was pinpointed as a lingering fear of not arriving at my "destination"...but having little to no idea what/where the "destination" is. In the meantime, I miss out on the journey itself.


Have you ever noticed that culture (urban culture, more poignantly) is fueled by people who are, in turn, fueled by coffee? This is not an original thought - I must admit that I stole it from my mother, Lois. Every morning (and afternoon, and late afternoon, and evening) we drink an extra-large, triple-shot, sugar-free hazelnut CUP OF ANXIETY with extra foam. To go. Because we couldn't possibly sit down to enjoy it.

This counselor-friend of mine mentioned that a friend of hers had recently gone to a Watchmen for the Nations retreat where the participants did "nothing" but listen and wait for God to speak. For four days. The unanimous revelation, at the end of the four days, was God's warning: the world is consumed with hurry - slow down, trust Me, be aware.

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy
- Simon & Garfunkle, "The 59th Street Bridge Song"

"What can I say? I live my life to the utmost...I just try to stay loose, stay liquid, laugh a lot, and be ready. That's what Dupree's doing with his life's little pod, man. Staying nimble. Until I get the call from the mother ship. My raison d'etat."
- Randolf Dupree, "You, Me and Dupree"

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