Saturday, August 19, 2006

broken telephone

My boyfriend is spending the weekend at Soggy Marsh Trailer Park. Or something like that. It's up north. Hanover.

He called me last night but I didn't pick up because I don't pick up for phone numbers I don't recognize (a few of you are having "aha..." moments right now). The phone number started with "519".

"Funny," I thought, as I continued doing the dishes. "519 is a northern area code. I don't know anyone up north... ... ... ...EXCEPT FOR ANDREW..."

But by then it had gone through to voicemail. He called again today and we spoke, in broken sentences, for about a half an hour. He was sitting on a hill of grass up at Soggy Pond, I was sitting on the cold marble lobby of the College Park building.

He: "I have good reception right here. Can you hear me?"
Me: "Yes. OK, don't move. Can you hear me?"
He: "What? Are you there?"
Me: "I'm here. Can you hear me?"
He: "Can you hear me?"

Then we were disconnected. He called back. Disconnected again. He called back. Disconnected. I called back. Disconnected. He called back.

The last thing I remember hearing was a screamed "I...OVE YOU...U...!!" to which I screamed that I loved him too, before we were disconnected again. The people in the lobby were a little concerned. It could have been the screaming. Or that I sat on the marble tile for about ten minutes afterwards, laughing.

Ah, modern technology.


A.J. said...

That sounds very frustrating... I think you should have a glass of red wine and curl up with a nice book. That's book BTW not TV which I think you have had enough of.

Handel said...

519 is northern? Wow this area code must be way massiver than I thought! I'm who knows how many km latitudinally south and longitudinally west, and I'm still in 519 (I'm in Waterloo for the weekend). Heck 519 goes all the way to London, and probably beyond!

And don't worry-Drew'll be back before ya know it.


weegeemcschuler said...

Hey Sarah , my mummy just told me for the zillionth time "did you know that Andrew Gaz is dating Lois's lively daughter, did you know that Gillian" Me. yes Mum, I think you told me that when I came for Fresh Wind and a few million times since. well tis a lazy Sunday afternoon (thank God!) and in my attempt to slow down after a crazy busy 10 days, I am hitting the internet highway to chill my brain out - I just wanted to say - how FANTASTIC it is that you guys are so squidgy and loving of each other. Smile, I like that you are having a blast in loveville :0) Smile, yes I just can't stop smiling when I think of you two dating, ah, smile....makes me think of Much ado about nothing and Italian love :0) OK, 'nuf said - hope you are doing well, give your Mum a huge hug for moi!

weegeemcschuler said...

oops, that was meant to read LOVELY daughter - but I imagine you really are quite lively too :0) cheerio

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Come to think of it, area code 519 might not be north. It might be east. Or west, for that matter. I have a hard time judging anything north of Bloor Street, west of Kipling, and east of Victoria Park. In fact, if I can't see the CN Tower and/or the lake, I'm pretty much screwed.